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Will’s First Search (Engine)

I was just talking with a former boss about how people I work with like to play with me. There was a period of time during which, when I got too intensely focused on client work, my management would post writing challenges on my whiteboard. So, this poem is for Bill Dawson, who gave me the “assignment” of writing a Shakespearean sonnet addressing the uncomfortable fact that the word “Google” can be broken down into “Go ogle.”

Whilst pond’ring rhymes to use as subtle seductions,
a loutish lad with clothes and accent strange
produced a “tool” he said would speed eduction.
His malevolous mallecho has left me quite deranged.

What ho! In light revealed to wand’ring eyes
but wench upon wench in shocking ruttish pose
with lily stomachs, buttocks, necks, and thighs
all lacy-draped – they left me uncomposed!

Forsooth, Victoria’s secrets there laid bare
and rendered me a fustilarian thrill’d.
Their ivory breasts! Their shameless curves! So fair
I soon forgot what I’d set out to quill.

E’er after do they haunt my roguish dreams,
since now I know what this “Go ogle it” means.

Magnifying glass with book by @joaosilaas

Photo courtesy of @joaosilaas


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Oh, hi! Are you still there? Wow. You’ve been waiting a while. Sorry about that. I’ve been a little distracted by starting a business, figuring out what my next adventure will be, and just generally getting my act together.

Thanks for waiting for me. I’ve scheduled a poem for tomorrow — a repost from a Facebook post some time back that came up in conversation yesterday. I hope you like it. It made me giggle while I was writing it.