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Found Poetry of a Magnetic Sort

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I have about seven different magnetic poetry sets. Some of them are stuck to my ‘fridge, where I pause now and again to clear my head when I’m working. Some of them to metal boards I hung on the inside of my bedroom closet so I can create while I’m watching the sunset.

I’ll often just photograph them and send them out to instagram to live (@willowstone11). But sometimes I use them as “starts” and edit them a little and post them here.

If I like what I “find.”

First: “Gift to a Dry Land.”


Author: Denise

I'm Denise. I'm a dog lover, a nature fanatic, a hiker, and a future yurt-dweller. I believe that stories lurk in all the tiny moments that make up our everyday lives. They wait, curled into themselves, until someone finds them and jailbreaks them, leading them out into the light. I have a flashlight. Follow me!

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