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Pretzel Box

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“Dang! We forgot to put stuff on this side of the box!”

“Oh, dude. I’m all outta words. Used ’em up on the other sides.”

“I’ll help. Lemme see…natural…”

“Yeah, because we don’t use preservatives.”

“Right. And because we use real ingredients.”

“Cool! Let’s use it all. No one will notice we’re saying essentially the same thing. No one even reads these things.”

“Crap. There’s still an awkward space…”

“Well, we could tell people they’re baked.”

“Kind of a small word.”

“How about ALWAYS baked!”

“Seriously? As opposed to ‘Sometimes we bake them but sometimes we just squeeze them raw into the box?'”

“Look, you wanna get outta here tonight? If you’ve got a better idea…”

“Good point. Let’s stick it with a fork & go have a brewsky.”

Side of a pretzel box

Author: Denise

I'm Denise. I'm a dog lover, a nature fanatic, a hiker, and a future yurt-dweller. I believe that stories lurk in all the tiny moments that make up our everyday lives. They wait, curled into themselves, until someone finds them and jailbreaks them, leading them out into the light. I have a flashlight. Follow me!

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