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Zero Impact

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Friends of the owners of the B&B/winery I was staying at stopped by to taste some wine & pick up their summer bottles. Teddy, a big, jovial guy, was talking about the Roman aqueducts he and his wife visited some years back — those marvels of human engineering:

Teddy: “They had to calculate it all just right — the grade, the flow, everything — from 200 miles away!”

<brief pause>

Teddy: “And they didn’t even have ZERO back then!”

<I pinch my nose shut to prevent a lovely cabernet sauvignon from squirting out of it. Because, although correct, that was damned funny.>


Author: Denise

I'm Denise. I'm a dog lover, a nature fanatic, a hiker, and a future yurt-dweller. I believe that stories lurk in all the tiny moments that make up our everyday lives. They wait, curled into themselves, until someone finds them and jailbreaks them, leading them out into the light. I have a flashlight. Follow me!

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